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External Links to Animated Tutorials & Video Lectures

University of Utah Genetics Learning PCR w/ Virtual Lab (FLASH)
Invitrogen An animation of PCR
Wiley.com Concepts in Biochem : PCR (animation)
Sumanas, Inc. The Polymerase Chain Reaction: PCR (FLASH)
Univ. of Utah Math Dept Intro to DNA melting (Flash)
Cold Spring Harbor Lab Polymerase Chain Reaction (Interactive)
Promega Introduction to PCR
Davidson.edu RT-PCR methodology
California State University - Chico PCR (Flash)
Bio-Rad Conventional PCR (Flash)
QIAGENTM - Knowledge & Support PCR Buffer Animation
The Health News PCR (animation - narrated)
McGraw-Hill Biology PCR Fundamentals (Flash)
ens-lyon.fr Presentation de la PCR - French
ABM on Youtube Basics of PCR
Howard Hughes Medical Inst. Animation : Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Please note that with time, links could become broken or obsolete. PCR materials that users find interesting or innovative, send the link to zach.dwight 'at' path.utah.edu and we will list it here upon review.

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